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“I had one of the best experiences with Sasha Ackerman. He was very knowledgeable about real estate and even more so about Las Vegas. He helped me purchase a home and we were able to get my offer accepted even though we were not the highest offer because of his knowledge and ability to know what the owner was looking for.”
Travis (Buyer)
“Mr. Ackermans listening skills made all the difference in getting me the building and house that fit my needs. He didn’t try to fit me into something that I didn’t want or need. Rare these days.”
Nick (buyer)
“Sasha and his team took care of everything and truly treated us like family. I highly recommend The Ackerman Group to everyone I know, and I will for years to come.”
Steve (Buyer)
“My fiance and I were renting a home in Las Vegas and got blindsided by our current owner’s desire to sell, followed by the requirement to find a new place within a 30-day window. What could have been a incredibly stressful process turned out to be painless thanks to Sasha and his team. Within 5 days of receiving our notice, Sasha had arranged for us to tour multiple properties and successfully landed on one that both of us loved! Sasha was very responsive to our needs and communications and made us feel at ease throughout the process.”
Kayce (Tenant)
“I needed to sell the house my ex husband and I owned quickly and Ackerman Group did just that. I was updated with where things were every step of the way and every question I had they were more then happy to answer to and made sure I understood everything. I could not be happier with my experience and I will be using them to help me find my new home when the time comes.”
Leslie (Seller)
“So helpful and knowledgeable. Made a stressful and confusing time very easy on me. Sasha and Dan are wonderful to work with on your real estate transaction.”
Kristie (Seller)
“Sasha and Dan have managed my rental home for 5 years now and they have been amazing since day one. When my tenants found a new place I was forced to scramble and find new tenets and the Ackerman Group came to the rescue and found me new long term tenants in less than a month. I am going to use them to sell another home as well as a result of their customer service and responsiveness. I would highly recommend them for any real estate services.”
Nick (Landlord, Investor, Seller)
“I used The Ackerman Group and could not have had a better experience. They were incredibly attentitive to my needs in buying a home. Even after a year long process due to me getting re-approved for a different amount and waiting until I found “the right one”. They never pushed or asked me to change what I wanted, only said we will keep trying until I am happy! They always had time for me and I trust them 100% with my time.”
Katie (Buyer)

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